Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Why are our church's not full??

The best news on the face of the planet, in the entire universe, and in whatever and wherever there is creation is...

There is Forgiveness for all;
There is a Love that neither sin nor death can keep down;
That we are at one with, complete and whole, with God's Divine Life.

We are the One Life with God and each other.

This Good News is revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

With this wonderful truth and answer to the human condition, why aren't our church's full?

Why are so many Christian's not enthusiastic about their faith?
Why are Christians not inviting others to come to their churches? To come and hear and see and experience the Good News that we know, live and proclaim?

There are many reasons why are church's are not full in our modern and secular age. But one reason in particular is that we are not an "inviting" people.

The time has come and gone in our culture when folk would wake up on a Sunday morning and automatically think of gathering with the church. 90% of people today don't think of church at all!

Therefore what the Church needs to learn today is to develop within its people a "culture of invitation."

Part and parcel of being Christian today is the absolute need to make "invitation" a habitual, natural way of being the church.

We have the answer to the human condition. Deep down every human person can discern they need it.
We need to get better at inviting others along with us to church so they can find out for themselves.

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