Monday, 23 June 2014

The Slowing (a poem)

Life can be so fast paced.
Things to do.
People to see.
Prayers to say.

The calendar?
What's next?
With who?

Mind racing.
No rest
            Even when sitting still.

And then

The slowing happens.

An awareness of God's Life
Gently moving me to forgetfulness

Of self
Of what needs to be done next
Of who needs to be seen.

A simple presence
                             To Presence

Open embrace of Life as it is in this very moment.

Eager to love Love itself.

(Inspired after reading Gerald May's account of what he termed "the Slowing")

Thursday, 5 June 2014

At last I am free (a poem)

O holy room
O holy silence

The Spirit is near.

Yet there is a fear.

Fear of change.
Fear of surrender.
Fear of falling

                      Into God

Be still my fears
Be still my tongue
Be still my thoughts.


And there you are
You were always here.

Your breath is my breath
Your love is my love.

At last

I am free

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Abundant Love of God (a poem)


You are all in all
You are everything,
All that is.

All that is life you are.
All that exists
Exists in you.

To love is to know you.
To be loved is to know you.

Breath your love deep into my heart.
Open me more and more to your life deep within.

As I have received your breath of Love
Free me to breath out your Love.

Upon all that is before me.
Upon all that is around me.
Upon all that I see.
Upon all that I do.