Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Mary, Mother of God

you look to Mary
your mother,

who is
in God,

and you cling
to her.

You need her.
You love her.

Out of her deeply
rooted soul in God

you will be
opened up
to the Christ
that you are,

The Way
The Truth
The Life.

look upon us
with strength and compassion,
and nurture us
into the way
of your Son.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The East Coast Trail

The wild trail
a stepping into
the unknown,
an adventure
into mystery.

Wooded shoreline
opening up
unto expansive ocean.

Cluttered mind
opening up
to depth and freedom.

Wet, pungent earth,
roaring, merciless sea,
invigorating, salt air,

screaming out
yet silently saying

"you are alive."

There is nowhere,
only here.
There is no time,
only this moment,

full of mystery,
full of the unknown,
full of adventure,

of life.

Monday, 7 December 2015

God is everywhere

in the stars
in the galaxies
in the sun
in the moon
in the earth
in the sky
in the mountains
in the valleys
in the oceans
in the rivers

in the creatures in the sea
in the creatures on the land
in the creatures in the air

in creation that is unconscious
in creation that is conscious

in the rich
in the poor
in the old
in the young
in the gay
in the straight
in the sick
in the dying
in the stranger
in the known

in the refugee
in the immigrant
in the religious
in the non religious

in the babe
in the manger
in the bread
in the wine

all is one in God
God is one in all

everywhere is full of God
God is full of everywhere