Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Even in death there is life

Even in death
there is life.

For a person
who has been
with their life,

open to and embracing
the wildness of the journey,

present and available,
with love and compassion,
to friend and stranger alike,

creative in relationship
with those closest to them,

alive to the moment
and the excitement of living,

is a person
whose life,
even in death,
with others,

a person
who lives on
in the heart
of God.

Calm in the Storm

The storms of life
are always stirring,
blowing one way,
then another.

Gusts of turbulence
coming from all directions,
and life is unsettled,


Your face
is noticed
in the stern of the boat,
that is my soul.

In your gaze of love
I become forgetful
of the storm
even as it rages.

Look lovingly upon me
as you bring
deep calm
into my life.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Open my heart

As the warmth of the sun
opens the flower
to light,

so your presence
opens my heart
to love.

There is a rich beauty
about your gaze
that draws me
to you


there is only

You are
the face of love

that looks past
my shortcomings and weaknesses,

and knows only
my heart,

knitting mine to yours
in a beautiful unity of life.

You are Jesus,
lover of my soul.