Monday, 31 August 2015

Look Gently Upon Yourself

Love is risen.
Love is alive.

Love covers
the multitude
of my sins.

The brightness
of Love

pulls me
out of darkness and despair
and into the light of the living.

washes over me

and opens my heart

looking gently
upon myself

and softly
upon every other.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

There are no words for love

There are no words
for love.

Love is beyond
thinking and reasoning.

Love is the force of soul
erupting from the depths
of the human heart.

It is a power
that cannot be captured or measured.

It is a flow
of unifying Spirit

that we surrender to,
that we consent with,
that we step into.

It can be seen
on the faces of lovers.

It can be felt
in the presence of another.

One awakens to
and realizes love

as the substance
of their truest self.

Love is who you are.
Love is what you are becoming.

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Day of Your Wedding

What joy!
What love!

Your two young souls
bursting with joy
as your eyes meet
in that beautiful moment
on your day of wedding.

I am overwhelmed
by the power of your emotion.

I get caught up
in the stream of your love

flowing to,
flowing fro,

a force
which catches and carries
everyone along with you.

You are aware only of each other
in that moment of union.

Yet the depth and wonder of your love
is known and experienced by all.

Tears gush down.
Emotions unfurl.
Minds lose reason
in the waves of your love.

All words are lost
in the shared experience
of two young hearts
for the promise of married love.