Saturday, 24 October 2015

Nature's Call into Selflessness

The vast expanse
of open landscape
pulls me
out of my little self
and drops me
into the incredible
inclusiveness of nature.

The open pastureland
stretches out
until it is one with
the horizon.

The winding trail
into the forest's
fire of colour.

The eagles soar
with free abandon
under the brightness
of the sun.

The bay opens out
to the endless
of the ocean.


nature's call
into selflessness.

The Season's Unfolding

With golden fire
the birch is consumed
as it begins to fall away
to nothing.

The wind has changed
as autumn descends.

What was new
is now dying,
returning to dust,
the air is pungent.

Another season has passed
as time marches on, aging all of creation.

Spirit whispers
to the seasons unfolding,
as all things are made new.