Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summer, where are you?

where are you?

I've been expecting you,
longing for you.

But you have not arrived.
You seem so far away.

Will you not visit?
Even for a day?

Your sun and your warmth,
offers rest for my soul.

Come, summer,
open the sky,

pour down your sun
on this frozen isle.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer Rest

The summer season
draws near.

The strings
of the tightly wound instruments
of work and responsibility
will be loosened for a time.

The summer rest
is a time for

a time
to breathe deeply
the invigorating air
of wilderness,

a time
to know nothing
only this moment
of living,

a time
to unwind
body, mind and soul,

and be
the wild Spirit
that we are,

that dreams
may come more freely,

new vision
may come more freely,

new life
may come more freely,

new love
may come more freely.

A Prophet's Voice

A prophet's voice
cries out from a distance
and speaks truth into your heart

a word
for you alone
and for all.

A prophet's presence
draws near
and hold's a mirror to your face

you alone
and all.

A prophet's Spirit
enters your soul
with compassion and love

you alone
and all.

is more
than a prophet

you alone
and all.

Love is Beautiful to Behold

is beautiful
to behold,

a living Presence
within the soul.

is a wide open spaciousness
in which self
is forgotten,

and the freedom
of simply being
is discovered.

is what we are made for.

is for us to fall into.

is what we are.