Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm Sorry, can you say it?


Is "sorry" becoming a foreign concept?

Human beings are making mistakes and are offending other human beings as much as they ever have. But I wonder, in our Canadian culture today, if "sorry" is being felt and said as often as it should be?

When we make mistakes, are we too proud to say that we are sorry?
Is to say that we are sorry a sign of weakness?
Maybe to not say I am sorry is to be unwilling to acknowledge my own sin and brokenness.

The truth is that we are not perfect. That we do make mistakes that affects others negatively. That we are broken and in need of love and healing.

The Good News is that because of this Holy Week, because of the suffering, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness, healing and wholeness available for us to claim and own.

But in order for us to experience God's forgiveness and love, we need to get used to saying "I'm sorry."

And not just saying it, but meaning it.

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