Sunday, 8 April 2012

To See Life in a New Way

It is Easter! After 40 days of Lenten observance, we are bathed in the light of the resurrection.

Easter is about life: life where we least expect to find it, life that overcomes the power of evil and death.

Today’s Gospel hints at this in showing us the disciples looking for Jesus in the tomb.

The disciples were invited to change their way of thinking: to see life in a new way, with new eyes.

Mary recognized Jesus when he addressed her by name, but she still had to learn that although Jesus was alive and present to her, his risen life was different.

She had to let go of what had been familiar and accept Jesus’ new way of being with her.

Death had changed everything, but it did not extinguish the life that is God’s gift.

As Christians we are Easter people, people who support, uphold and proclaim life.

Like Mary and Peter and the other witnesses to the resurrection, we are invited to recognize life in new ways, even where all seems darkness, for our God is the God of resurrection, the God of Life.

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