Monday, 2 April 2012

Let us not forget where our freedom has come from

As Canadians, we live in a free society.

A society that, overtime, has more fully applied the principles of freedom and equality. In the last generation our country has addressed the issues of a woman's right to vote, gender equality in the workplace, equal opportunity for those physically challenged, to name only some.

That which too many of us take for granted in Canada, people in other parts of the world are longing for and dying for. And Canadian soldiers have died and are suffering as we have sought to come along side and support some of these countries.

The principles of freedom and equality in our society, that are so precious to us, have not been realized during this time in our history because it is a "Canadian" thing to do, or because of some politicians good ideas.

We know what it is to be free and equal in Canadian society because of the effect, over generations, of the Christian Gospel.

More particularly, we are free and equal because of Good Friday.

Yet how easy we, as Canadians, forget this and take it for granted.

As politically unpopular as it may be to name, Canadian society, and the societies of the Western world, are built on Christian principles. Principles that, over hundreds and hundreds of years, have been gradually realized in the hearts and minds of its citizens.

For example, the American Constitution is a Christian document. In it is stated that all people are to be free and equal. From the time that document was written, to the time when black people in the south were no longer segregated, took almost two hundred years. And it is still being worked out.

Because of the Cross of Jesus Christ, it is revealed to humanity that there are no obstacles to keep us from knowing our oneness with the Divine Life - neither sin nor death.

Because of the Cross of Christ, as a human being takes time to be still and silent inside their minds and hearts, as they know the power of Divine forgiveness, as they know the joy of the Divine Spirit, the same Divine Spirit that is within all humans, we come to recognize our sameness.

It is this "sameness" that makes us equal and free.
It is this "sameness" that transforms societies, one person at a time, into societies that are equal and free.

This week is Holy Week, when Christians are celebrating the victory of the Cross in individual hearts and in societies.

As a Canadian society, let us not forget where our freedom has come from.

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