Tuesday, 29 January 2013



As a young person I remember seeing pictures of very ancient and large stones standing in a particular formation and wondering what it was about. When preparing for my sabbatical, and indicating that I would be visiting Salisbury, one of my parishioners mentioned how close Stonehenge was and that I should try to take it in. I am so glad that they mentioned it. 

It is absolutely amazing to stand in a place with stones and structure that go back at least 3000 years. Not only to wonder at what it meant for the people that used it, or how they built it. But to have that sense of spiritual connectedness with the people, who, thousands of years ago walked and lived upon that very same ground.

The Hebrew scriptures tell us that we are from Adam, or in Hebrew “adamah,” which means made from the earth. Those same scriptures tell us God breathed his Spirit, his Life  into “Adamah.” We are made from the earth and given the Breath of God. The same earth that every human being walks upon. The same Divine Breath that every human being breaths.

While at Stonehenge, I was aware of being “connected” or “at one with” with those who lived there 3000 years ago. It is indeed a sacred place. 



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