Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral
My wife Valerie and I read Ken Follett’s book “The Pillars of the Earth” some years ago and really enjoyed it - not only for Ken Follett’s historical fiction ability, but also because of my own interest in the history of the church in England. Part of Ken Follett’s inspiration for this book was Salisbury Cathedral: a 13th century gothic structure equalling Westminster Abbey in magnificence and history. 

The Madonna
In the TV Series “Pillars of the Earth,” one of the props for the revival of the building of the cathedral was a “weeping Madonna.” The wooden carving of the Madonna used in the TV series was modeled after the actual wooden statue in place at the Cathedral.

A wide angle picture of the cathedral
Pilgrims are attracted to the cathedral today not because of superstition. There are tourists are attracted to this place simply because of historical significance, architectural beauty and medieval achievement. And there are Christian pilgrims who come to this place to pray and to be inspired and to wonder about the glory of God.

A zoom picture of the tower

I for one appreciated the beauty and awe of the place. And as I participated in the quiet masses in the mornings, and the glorious choral evensongs, I was so aware of being connected to the people who have offered prayer and praises to God within these very stone walls for over 700 years.

Looking down into the nave

The Gothic design ceilings

Looking up over the high Gothic arches

The nave looking up towards the choir

Such human made glory is in stark contrast to what I experienced at Stonehenge.




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