Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Reflection

Sunday Homily for 19 February 2012, Gospel of Mark 2:1-12
The last 3 Sundays we have been hearing stories of Jesus’ healing ministry.
Today we are going to hear about: 1) Bringing Others to Christ, and 2) Relationship between sin and suffering
  1. Bringing Others
A “full” House
“So many gathered around that there was no longer room for them”
  • this is the way our churches should be.
  • When we proclaim the Word of God and administer the sacraments, God is at work here amongst us.
  • So what are we doing to bring people along?
  • OR...
  • Do we really believe that God is here present to us and active among us?
Bringing people to Jesus
“Then some people came, bringing to Jesus a paralysed man”
  • bringing someone to Jesus.
  • imagine that.
  • again, what are we doing to try and bring others to that which they most need?
Remove the roof
“...they removed the roof...”
  • wow!
  • what roofs are we removing to help others get to Christ?
  1. Relationship between Sin and Suffering
“Son, your sins are forgiven”
“Stand up and take your mat and walk”
There is a close relationship between the healing of sins and the health of the body.
Sin can exercise such force that people are unable to move or to change. 
All suffering is rooted in humanity’s separation from God. For this reason, Jesus must call attention here to the man’s deepest need ( the need for forgiveness of sin) -  otherwise the testimony of this healing would remain nothing more than the story of a remarkable miracle. 
The Kingdom of God
In his act of forgiveness Jesus was also declaring the presence of God’s Kingdom among people. 
The Kingdom of God is also amongst us. We are forgiven and set free.
Our Witness
Those of us touched by God’s forgiveness must become public witnesses to others so that they in turn can know the healing and wholeness that Jesus offers. 

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