Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Choice is Yours

Rational human life is about making choices.

As reasonable beings made in the image of a reasonable, rational God, we are responsible for every choice we make in our thoughts and in our deeds.

As much as some may try, we are in no position to blame anyone else or anything else for what we think and what we do.

I used to play hockey with a fellow who used to look at me and say "Father, they makes me curse!" Well, that's not really true :)

St.Gregory of Nyssa says "We are in a sense our own parents, and we give birth to ourselves by our own free choice of what is good. Such a choice becomes possible for us when we have received God into ourselves and have become children of God."

The more full experience of human life is in the process of becoming more aware of the Divine life within us; and not only to become aware, but to cooperate with that life, to live that life.

The full human life chooses from within the goodness, love, compassion, forgiveness that is Divine, that is Christ's very life.

Lent is a time to renew or rediscover, or even to discover for the first time, this Divine Life.

The choice is yours.

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