Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Circumcision of Heart

In the Hebrew Scriptures there is a story about a man whose name was Jonah. Jonah was tasked by God with the unpopular duty to travel to the city of Nineveh (in the belly of a whale!) and tell the people they had to change their wicked ways.

Its not easy to try and tell someone they need to change.
Its not easy listening to someone tell you that you need to change (my wife is telling me all the time :) )

But change we must.
It is a gift when we have someone in our lives who has the courage to tell us that some attitude or behaviour needs to be revisited.

No one is perfect, and our lives need to be a process of changing and growing into being more compassionate, forgiving and relational people.

Such change is something one needs to choose, it cannot be forced.

Such a change needs to be from the heart, a change of heart, or in scriptural terms, a circumcision of heart.

When hearts are changed, families, cities and nations can be changed.

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