Sunday, 9 September 2012

We are all wounded and in need of healing

In the Gospel of Mark we read that “They brought to him a man who was deaf and who had an impediment in his speech.”

They brought to Jesus a person who was in need of healing. The truth is that every single one of us are in need of healing!

Woundedness comes in so many forms:
  1. Physically 
-       arthritis setting in.
-       backs giving out.
-       cancer eating at the body;
-       etc.
  1. Psychologically
-       anxiety
-       depression
-       mental illness
-       etc
  1. Emotionally
-       dealing with job loss;
-       the stress of having to relocate;
-       having to manage change;
-       broken relationships;
-       managing memories and experiences from our past.
-       Etc.
  1. Spiritually
-       life loosing meaning;
-       the empty ache at the core of our being;
-       restlessness.
-       Unhappiness.
-       Etc.

Every single human being is wounded in some way and is in need of healing!

Why the Church exists

The Church exists in order to “change” people.
The Church exists to heal humanity.

There is healing in the daily, loving relationships within the community of the church.
There is healing in the hearing of the Word of God.
There is healing in the worship.
There is healing with the holy oils that we use in the liturgy.
There is healing as we share in the Body and Blood of Christ.

My friends, Jesus heals!

And every single one of us has a role to play in this healing ministry of the Church.

First of all, let us recognize our own need for healing. Everyone here is broken in some way.

We need to acknowledge our own hurt and pain and invite the Lord to come along side.

As you worship with your heart, as you hear the Word of God, as you receive and participate in the Holy Eucharist, allow the Lord to work in your life and touch you and heal you in ways that only His Love can.

Secondly, as in our Gospel today, “They brought to Him a man who was in need of healing.”
As we experience the Lord’s healing love, we need to bring others to that experience.

What are you doing to encourage and bring others along to encounter Christ?
We should never tire of inviting others to come to our Sunday liturgy, café, or programs.
No greater gift can we give a friend than to meet the Lord of Life.


Open up your broken hearts and minds to the Lord of Life.
Let Him in.
Don’t be afraid.
Let Him love you.
Let His love touch your brokenness.
And may you know His Life in all its fullness.
Then bring along a friend to also meet the Lord of life.

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