Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Joy of Being a Priest (a poem)

In the morning
offering the first fruits of the day
to awareness
of God's life and love.

The study
still and quiet
a place of prayer
and preparation for worship.

The oratory
spacious and beautiful
inviting participation
in the dance of Life.

The commitment
of parishioners going about
tasks and responsibilities.

The beauty and gifts
of the people of God
offered freely
enriching many.

Making plans
and preparing
to reach out
and meet the needs of others.

Being in the community
seeing God
in smiling and troubled faces

Breaking bread
at noon
receiving love
giving love.

With the broken and wounded
being God's compassionate presence
in the midst
of the storm's of life.

Sitting still in the evening
with our Truest Self
in God's love.

At the end of the day
thanking God
for the joy
of being a priest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem and Thank you for being you! We likes you! :)