Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Life, Even in the Midst of Suffering

All of our lives are filled with suffering, pain and loss. There can certainly be joy and happiness, but suffer we will. 

The question for us is: “how do we still live and love even in the midst of suffering and loss?”

In Sunday's Gospel, Luke 7:11-17, a mother’s only son has died.
  • the mother is dealing not only with the grief of the loss of her only son, but that only son was the one to look after her into her old age.
  • to her understanding, she has lost her life, her everything.

It makes me wonder about how Mary felt when Jesus was crucified.
  • at one level, the death of a young son or daughter has to be excruciating. 
  • but Mary knew that there was something more to Jesus.
  • She knew that he was the Son of God, and shared in the Divine Life.

It is this Son of God who has taught us and shown us that there is more to life than the physical and material.

It is this Son of God who has shown us that in death, life does not end, it only changes.

But Jesus is not yet ready to reveal this wonderful truth to this mother who has just lost her son.

So what does he do? He has compassion on her.

This is what Jesus does. He has compassion and love for all whom he encounters, and in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

Jesus has compassion and love for each of us, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The key is for us to learn to be spiritually open to the light and life of that compassion, and not to be closed up and kept in the darkness of death.

Jesus says “Do not weep”...He touches the pallet...He says “I say to you rise”

Jesus enters into the midst of the pain and suffering, and offers new life.

Jesus wants to enter into our pain and, in the midst of our suffering, to offer us new life.

Invite him into your life and into your pain.
Let him comfort you, heal you, and give you new life.

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