Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Burning Bush of Divine Life

As we continue our Lenten pilgrimage, the biblical themes of mountain and wilderness are still present to us.

Mountain and Wilderness
Moses led the flock “beyond the wilderness to the mountain of God.”

This is a foreshadowing of Moses leading the Hebrew people out of Egypt, to the holy Mountain of God, and on into the Promised Land of abundance. A sort of  God planned “reccee,” so that Moses would know where he was going with the people of God.

A shepherd (or parent or friend or mentor) can only take others to places where he or she has been!

Wrestling and Truth
The wilderness is a spiritual place to wrestle with God. It is about pealing off the layers of lies and illusions within us that hinder our realization of true self and true God.

We need to be on a journey of discovering that our deepest self is the very image and essence of God.

The Mountain of the Burning Bush
It is in such a spiritual place that Moses had an experience of the living God.

An experience that called him and the Israelites out of bondage and death and into life and promise.

Like Moses and the Hebrew people, we the church are called to ever enter into the painful journey of change and transformation…we are called to REPENT. 

Jesus says that “if you do not repent you will perish”

Repentant and Unrepentant
To repent is to turn toward God and change. And the foundational change is our growing awareness of loving union with God. This awareness is the fullness of Life itself.

To be unrepentant, is to ignore God, to be unchanged, to not know your loving union with God. This unawareness is death and hell.

When we are grounded in our “Burning Bush” experience of the living God
  • we can hear God’s voice calling us forward from bondage and death and into Love and Life; 
  • we can hear God’s voice calling us to journey forward through all forms of change, knowing that He is with us;
  • we can hear God calling us to surrender to the Love that unifies and makes whole and complete. 

When we are grounded in our experience of the Living God, we will be more able to follow Jesus to Jerusalem and to offer our lives  for the benefit of others. 

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