Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pictures from Downtown London, England

Valerie and I first visited London in the spring of 1995. I've been visiting the old country fairly regularly since that time, retreating with Anglican Benedictine's, and visiting our friend in London. Over these years of visiting, I haven't grown tired of journeying downtown and looking at all the iconic structures, and feeling the energy of all the visitors and people.

The water fountain at Trafalgar Square

Looking at the Lord Nelson monument from near the art gallery

One of the four lions surrounding the Lord Nelson monument

One of the two fountains 

Looking towards the parliament buildings from the square

The ceremonially guarded entrance to St.Jame's Palace

One of the ceremonial guards

Big Ben

West Minster Abbey

The entrance to the parliament buildings

Winston Churchill

Lord Nelson

The long decent into the Underground 
Waiting to catch the tube


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