Sunday, 25 November 2012

Life in the midst of suffering and pain

As we bring the Church’s liturgical year to a close (next Sunday is the First of Advent), we celebrate the feast of Christ the King.

Jesus’ Kingdom is no earthly kingdom. It is a Kingdom of the heart, the holy place within us where we know and experience Divine Life, eternal and unitive Life. 

In the Gospel for today, Jesus is before Pilate. Jesus the “King,” is to be scourged and crucified. Jesus is broken and wounded. 
To follow Jesus Christ and to live a “Kingdom” life IS NOT TO SUGGEST that we will avoid suffering and pain and loss in life.

To follow Jesus Christ and to live a “Kingdom” life IS TO SUGGEST that we can discover and live a satisfying life even in the midst of our suffering and pain.

Brokenness and suffering is very much a part of the human condition. Everyone of us are broken and suffer in various ways throughout our entire life. Our suffering and pain should not rob us of a satisfying and fulfilling life. Yet many people allow themselves to be consumed with that which is not right in their lives.
Jesus shows us the way to be open to a Love filled life even in the midst of suffering. During the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, the great evil and the pain did not become a barrier to Him Knowing the Father, and continuing to love those around him. He remained centered in the Father’s Love.
Because the power of the Cross of Christ the King, we are made free to also remain centered in the Father’s love. This is what it is to begin to experience the Kingdom of God – an openness to the Divine Love that neither sin, suffering, or death can separate us from.
Today we celebrate and give thanks to Christ our King, for the truth, life and love that He has opened up for us.

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