Sunday, 10 June 2012

Holy Communion

Holy Communion
The entire story of our salvation and the call into Life are in the sacrament of the Holy Communion.

It is a sacrament of unity
It is a sacrament of oneness
Through the power of the Cross and Resurrection, all are called to participate in oneness with the Lord.

If you accept forgiveness in Christ, you are called to the Eucharistic Table.

No one is omitted.
No one is told they are not welcome.

Facing God and one another

Eucharist is about facing God and being one with God.
Eucharist is about facing one another and being one with one another.

Our Oratory is about facing the Lord and facing one another in the power of His Love.

Our Emmaus Cafe  is about welcoming everybody/anybody in the power of His Love.

The Church, the Eucharistic Church, is an inclusive church.
It is a Church that when something is wrong in a relationship or in the community, we seek to reconcile, to work it out.

The Christian filled with the Spirit of God desires unity with all, and would never make someone unwelcome.

Our doors are open daily, and ALL ARE WELCOME at the table of the Lord: people you know,
 people you don’t know,  those you like, those you don’t like,  those who are saints, those who are sinners.

Jesus died and rose for all people.
Jesus died in order to make us one with the Father and one with one another.

Jesus said “This is my body, this is my blood” to all people.

The Lord Jesus is the host of this community, He invites us to the feast of His Body and Blood, the feast of His life and love.

There is no one who is not welcome to join us, the parish of the Resurrection, in the love and fellowship of our daily café ministry.

There is no one who is not welcome in our Oratory as we gather around the table of the Lord.

We are the Church of God, we are the Body of Christ.
We are a school of love and life.
Our mission is to lead all people into the paths of freedom,  where they can indeed be loved, where we can indeed become people who will love.

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