Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I like you

I really enjoy being around people who are positive and loving.

I also like being around people who are funny, people who are wise, people who are learned, people who are compassionate, people who are understanding.

Truth is, I like being around PEOPLE.

Not all folk can have all the good qualities that we enjoy seeing and experiencing in others. That's one of the reasons why community is so important - we benefit from the different gifts that different people have. St.Paul teaches us that the church is one body, with many necessary parts.

But if I had to choose which kind of a person or people I would like to spend time with, it would be people who are positive and loving.

There is more than enough negativity around us all, and love is often lacking. So I need people around me who influence me to also be positive and loving.

When the people of Israel were coming out of their slavery in Egypt, there was a lot of negativity, frustration and struggle. If Moses was going to be effective in leading them out of their bondage and darkness into the freedom and Light of Life, he needed to spend time with the Lord of Life.

Moses regularly spent time with the Lord in prayer, and the Lord showed Himself to Moses. And the people saw the difference. Moses radiated light, his faced beamed with the love and holiness of God - this experience influenced and encouraged others.

If we want to be loving and positive, and to influence others in being loving and positive, then we need to spend time in the Presence of Love and Life - Jesus.

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